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The plan is to start up the first cruise, with the 164-foot “M/Y Meisler Royal Lady” – 12 Guests – 12 crew, out from RHODE ISLAND,

15. JUNE 2025.

This application is an indication that you as a person, or company, are interested in participating as a Part Owner in the new unique “Meisler’s Luxury Yacht Part Ownership at Sea Club Program”.

NOTE; If you would like to participate by investing in a weekly unit US-$999,999, you need to pay this amount upon signing this form. Then you will get a confirmation from us to pay the amount for the number of declares units. 

Be aware that this is not a legal document. At soon as we have received the first 10 x weekly units signed for by new part owners, then a complete list of the part owners will be transferred to the Meisler Yachts Ltd.’s Attorney in Fort Lauderdale who will contact you. The lawyer signs and issue the FINAL contract and mail you the “Part Ownership” and as in the Meisler Yachts Ltd. client escrow account.

As soon as we have received the signed contract from you, our lawyer will contact you again as soon as our unique project is up and  running and, furthermore, you will receive the Owner Certificate for the “Meisler’s Luxury Yacht Part Ownership At Sea Club Program”, showing that you are a proud member and a Part Owner of ‘’Meisler Yacht Royal Family’’.

Best regards,

Mr. Gustav Meisler

Founder & CEO

Meisler Yachts Ltd. Fort Lauderdale, FL

Phone: +1 954 945 8799 – +47 900 20 306  – +66 86102 7104 

Address;   FL 33339 

Become a Part Owner in our Private Luxury Dreaming Yacht Club;

  • Save up to 96 percent of the investment that you have to pay for a new motor yacht today
  • Pay only for the time you spend on board one of the Meisler luxury yachts.