Chairman, Founder & CEO

Mr. Gustav Meisler, Chairman, Founder & CEO 

Company Name; Meisler Yachts Ltd.

Dates Employed Jan 1996 – Present. Employment duration; 22 years. 

After having spent the last 25 years working and studying the international luxury yacht and cruise industry, he has over the last eight years concentrated on the development of the new trend that has evolved regarding Fractional Ownership. Yacht part ownership is part of this new market, which includes several categories within Fractional part Ownership sectors.
1996-2006 Meisler Cruise Line AS, Oslo (Management and Brokerage)
1998-2009 Chairman & CEO, Meisler Yacht Development AS
2000-2013 Funder & CEO, Meisler Yacht International Ltd., 
(Yacht Agency, Brokerage, Management and Management Construction)
2009-2016 Project Manager,Various Meisler Projects 
(Administration & Development work)
2013-date Founder & CEO, Project Manager Meisler Yachts Ltd, Bahamas
(Administration & Development Work).

Vice President of Hotel Operations

Mr. Tore Eliassen


Over 30 years of experience in the restaurant and hospitality industry, 12 years based in the Cruise Industry in the US.

Specialized in the Management and direction of operation with units of more than 1000 beds, as Vacation resorts, Convention & exhibition Center, International Cruise Ship operation.

Strong leadership skills with the ability to motivate others to achieve prescribed goals and objectives within allotted time constraints.

Good understanding and experience in multiple areas of hotel management and budgeting, dealing and handling of major agreements and contracts.  Dealing and Managing larger number of staff.   Communicates daily with staff to ensure efficiency and compliance with standards.