It is a great pleasure for us to offer our new unique “Meisler Luxury Yacht Part Ownership At Sea Club Progam”, and become a “Meisler Yachts Royal Family” member. In addition to the information given on our website, we like to send you a 54 pages sales presentation report that give you answers to most questions you might have.

Meisler Yachts offer you to own your Private luxury motor yacht for an investment of only 2.5% of what this kind of yachts costs to buy today. We offer of course the same luxury yacht feeling as any US$-16.0 million yachts for the next 5 to 10 years.

Below you will find detailed form for you to fill out and email to After receiving the completed form, you will prompt receive our full sales presentation together with a Letter of Intent for you to fill out, add your signature and mail back to us at the above mentioned e-mail address. Be aware that these forms are legal documents, but only used for internal information.

Once we have received this LOI, we will transfer this to our Fort Lauderdale Florida Law Firm who will contact you directly and submit the Part Ownership Contract for you to review and sign.

Then we ask you to pay a 50% deposit of the contract. As soon as our Lawyer receive your payment, it will safely be deposited at Meisler Yachts Ltd. Client escrow account.

When your private luxury motor yacht is ready for takeover, Advokatfirmaet will contact you again for payment of the remaining 50% of the amount to Advokatfirmaet which in turn will deposit the amount into Meisler Yachts Ltd client escrow account.

As soon as your part ownership yacht is ready from the shipyard after a full upgrade, it will stay alongside at the quay in the CRYC yacht club in Fort Lauderdale ready for delivery.

All of the part owners will be invited to meet us in Fort Lauderdale. Meisler Yacht LLC invites to a fun party and gathering where you can meet and greet the Meisler Yacxht LLC staff who will assist and inform the part owners about their upcoming yacht experiences in the coming years.

The part owners will then be invited on board their private “M/y Meisler Royal Lady” for a 2-hour cruise on the Inter Costal Waterway from Fort Lauderdale and hosted with a complimentary lunch on the CRYC yacht club.

After lunch, our Lawyer will meet with all of the part owners, where anyone must decide if this is the unique luxury yacht program they want to participate in.  For those who may find out that this was not exactly what they could imagine and want to withdraw from the program, anyone can reconsider and ask for a refund from the Law Firm’s deposited amount, (no interest will be returned).

For those who are interested in participating in the new unique program, we ask you to fill in the final data on the form as under, and you are up and running of your luxury yacht dream.


The plan is to start up the first cruise out from Rhode Island, USA, June 4th 2021.

Ship; 124-foot “Meisler Royal Lady” – 10 Guests – 6 crew.  


Full name:

Full address including country:

Social Security number:

Mobile phone number:

Email address:

Name of Yacht: 124-foot “M/y Meisler Royal Lady”

The number of weekly units as you want to order for an investment of $ per unit US $399,999  

Total amount US $:

Please add a desired week number for your cruise during the first year:

Please add a desired start up week or close to:


Full name:

Business address including country:

Postal address:

Registration number:

Business phone number:

Fax number:

Email address:

Name of contact person:

Mobile phone number:

Email address:

Name of Yacht: 124-foot “Meisler Royal Lady”

The number of weekly units as you want to order for an investment of $   per unit $399,999 – No

Total amount $

Please add a desired week number for your first cruise:

Please add a desired start up week or close to:

This application is an indication that you as a person, or company, are interested in participating as a Part Owner in the new unique “Meisler’s Luxury Yacht Part Ownership at Sea Club Program”.

Be aware, this is not a legal document, but an indication of interest.

Once we have received the first 40 x weekly units posted,  then the list will be transferred to the Meisler Yacht LLC Attorney in Fort Lauderdale who will contact you directly. The lawyer signs the contract and mails you the final “Part Ownership” and asks you to pay the 50% deposit that will be deposited in the Meisler Yacht LLC client escrow account.

The lawyer will contact you again when the Ship is ready for start-up and collect the remaining 50% amount. Furthermore, you will receive the Owner Certificate for the “Meisler’s Luxury Yacht Part Ownership At Sea Club Program”, showing that you are the Owner of a Meisler Yacht share. The Lawyer will transfer the final amount to Meisler Yacht LLC bank account.

Location and date:

Signed by:

Print full Name in block letters: