Return to wonder and Enrich Your World on an extraordinary voyage on the finest yacht product on the market; MEISLER YACHTS!

The New Year 2021 comes with brand new journeys, as we have already added the «Sea of Cortez» outside the cost of Mexico to our growing cruise base, as well as Panama, Honolulu Hawaii, Rhode Island and the Famous Mediterranian among many of our base destinations.

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Medical Evaluation & Test

To ensure all of our guests are safe and well before your journey with us begins, we will require you to complete a pre-departure medical health evaluation. During the phased embarkation process you, and your fellow friends and family, will be tested for COVID-19 by a medical specialist. This will allow you to relax with complete peace-of-mind when you board our Ships, in the company of the captain and the crew.

Our Dedicated Team

Our experiented Captain, dynamic Chief Steward and skilled Crew will deliver a first-class level of service during your time traveling with us. The team are readily available to ensure every detail of your journey with us is memorable, for all the right reasons. They will ensure health and safety protocols are followed on a daily basis.

Healthy Crew

Having the best crew to look after you is at the heart of our core values at The Meisler Group, and we will go the extra mile to ensure our crew is healthy in doing so. All crew will be regularly tested for COVID-19 and will have daily temperature and health checks. They will also be trained and regularly briefed on all aspects in preventing COVID-19 among themselves as well as our guests. They will go beyond the ordinary to make your cruise a truly exceptional experience.

A warm & safe welcome

From the moment you arrive, our expert crew will guide you through the week and follow our enhanced protocols, ensuring you are completely at ease. You can expect:

Enhanced Cleaning Commitment

Our on board crew will be increasing and enhancing our already frequent and high standard cleaning protocols in public areas and cabins, leaving surfaces and spaces spotless. Additional care and attention will be paid to high contact zones, such as communal restrooms, Gym, spas, outdoor facilities and dining facilities.

Socially Aware Dining

You can expect the same delightful dining experiences when you travel with us, savoring a choice of dishes inspired by regional cuisine and local produce. We are adapting and redesigning our on board food and beverage service to ensure extra care is taken in order to minimize any virus outbreak. We will serve our delicious food a la carte, breakfasts a la minute and all other meals in the safest manner.

Contact-Free Movement

The spacious surrounds of our ships in combination with your guest numbers provide ample room for you to relax, allowing for an abundance of personal space. We are introducing Contact-free hand sanitizer dispensers will be readily available in all public spaces and corridors on board, while guest servicing will minimize the number of touch points.

Air Circulation

Our Ships are equipped with the newest air circulation systems. These systems ensure there is no re-circulation of inside air on board the ship. When you are relaxing in your cabin you will be breathing air from outside the ship that is channeled directly to you. The air will also be released from your room directly to the outside.

Carefully Selected Local Partners

As well as enhancing our health and safety protocols on board and with our crew, we’re working closely with our local partners. We have forged long-standing relationships with our local partners, all of whom have been carefully selected for their expertise and high levels of service, and are committed to ensuring your safety. They receive extensive training to adhere with our enhanced protocols. We have also introduced strict control and screening procedures for anyone boarding our Ships.

Wellness Throughout Your Journey

Your wellbeing is our number one priority, both during your time on board. Journey to and from your destination with complete peace-of-mind. All transport vehicles booked with us will be equipped with hand sanitizer and will undergo deep cleaning after every journey, surpassing the high industry standards required.

You can rest assured that we will monitor social proximity, allowing you to travel safely, with plenty of personal space on your selected yacht and the entire Meisler Yacht fleet.


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