Capt. James Evanow


In co-operation with Captain James Evanow, Meisler Yachts International has taken on a new look. Evanow and his team have produced a completely new and updated web profile for Meisler on all relevant social networks, creating a new time-based logo, adding a “contact us” information form on the Contact Us page, so potential Yachting Dream Club Members are able to reach out for additional information. The form can be found on the new Yachting Dream Club website at:
Meisler Yachts now has a much broader range of communication to reach potential customers all over the world, while at the same time raising interest in the project and entering into purchasing agreements. Buyers, investors, press, journalists, friends and other curious web surfers will now be able to consider making the Yachting Dream Club a part of their immediate and long term yachting plans.